Saturday, 31 July 2010

So finally, I have finished my degree. Two and half years of non stop studying whilst working all the time finally comes to an end. I can chose what I want to do. I can have a life.

And I've decided that one of the main focuses of this life has to be getting fit and healthy. I've put it off for too long, and now I really have no excuse. I've downloaded a fitness DVD for toning, and I'm going to go swimming. I'm also going to climb more mountains (literal ones) and generally just exercise more. My diet needs to be better, which I've already worked on, but need to improve more. I'm not joining any classes or weight loss groups. They're not for me. This whole move is about putting my health and my happiness first. I am excited.

Of course, all this fitness has to wait until at least monday after I totally bashed up my foot and the hospital gave me a stick to walk with! God's way of telling me to rest for once I think. And it worked. Red wine, books, tv.....pretty nice way to chill.