Thursday, 28 October 2010

now where were we?

Things have continued to improve in general. The cat continues to be healthy and well, even though his blood sugars have not come down, but the vet says this will take time. An example of how chilled out our cat is, was today at the vets. He decided that this would be the perfect time to roll over and have his belly rubbed. I don't think the vet has ever seen a cat do that before!

Career wise, things seem to be progressing. Not to say too much, but a better job opportunity has come my way (via a stressful presentation and interview!) and hopefully I will be moving posts in the next month or so. It's exciting, but nerve wracking! I will have to put a lot of work in, but it'll be worth it I'm sure.

Spending time with my new neice has been a highlight of this week! We road tripped it to the big city and went to ikea, visiting my mum, and my sister, and other neice and nephew on the way back. My other neice was unimpressed with the baby crying, but they thought she was lovely. Which she is!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

and calm.....

Well after the last chaotic post, things certainly seems to have calmed down. The cat is home, and improving all the time according to the vet which is fantastic. Thankfully we have a very placid chilled cat, which makes the whole giving him injections soooo much easier. It would be crazy if we had to fight him every time. Hopefully he'll continue to improve, it's just fantastic to have him home again.

And being organised...finally, the house has been cleared out a bit, and I actually filed. I only realise now how much head space my chaotic unplanned unorganised life was taking up. Note to self. Organise more! I am such a list writer, I'd be lost without my pen and paper, I really would. Lists lists and more lists, but it feels good when I actually get things done. Normally I don't, but yesterday I managed to achieve everything I had planned. Twas a great feeling.

Friday, 1 October 2010

its been a while....

and what a while it's been. Life has been pretty chaotic. A few days after I wrote my last entry, two new babies close to me entered the world on the same day. A couple of days after that, one of them was rushed back to hospital. Luckily, fortunately, she pulled through and is now fine.

The week after was calmer, but I felt ill and awful.

We then went away for the weekend, such a lovely time with family - but I cracked my toenail and spent the rest of the time hobbling, and missing out on some quality time with family as my foot was so sore.

Came home, and our cat became seriously ill. This week, we almost lost him. I've never had a cat before, and I can't begin to express how special he is, and how attached we are to him. Again, relief, as it turned out not to be his kidneys, he is in fact diabetic.

I'm so looking forward to things settling down, and life gaining some sort of normal pace. I was seriously struggling at the beginning of the week, overwhelmed by so many issues, but we've made it to the end of the week, our cat back home, babies thriving, so I try to take stock in the good things, and hope that they truely outweigh the ongoing bad.