Sunday, 10 October 2010

and calm.....

Well after the last chaotic post, things certainly seems to have calmed down. The cat is home, and improving all the time according to the vet which is fantastic. Thankfully we have a very placid chilled cat, which makes the whole giving him injections soooo much easier. It would be crazy if we had to fight him every time. Hopefully he'll continue to improve, it's just fantastic to have him home again.

And being organised...finally, the house has been cleared out a bit, and I actually filed. I only realise now how much head space my chaotic unplanned unorganised life was taking up. Note to self. Organise more! I am such a list writer, I'd be lost without my pen and paper, I really would. Lists lists and more lists, but it feels good when I actually get things done. Normally I don't, but yesterday I managed to achieve everything I had planned. Twas a great feeling.

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