Saturday, 5 February 2011

a few weeks on...

and I'm still settling into the 9-5 routine. I'm managing, and the mornings and nights are getting lighter, the days longer, and that does wonders for me. I not longer drive to work in the dark (although I still get up in the dark), and I get to drive for a little while home whilst it's still light. I look forward to summer driving, through the country roads, music playing and windows open. I can't wait for evenings where I can drive to my friends house and go for walks round the loch before heading home. I can't begin to explain how excited I'll be when I can wear flip flops again.
All good things come to those who wait.

And how has life been? Very ill cat (again), quite poorly husband. Cat has recovered - I swear you would never think he almost died, and he is oblivious to the panic we went through. Hearing a vet say, we should maybe put him down, are words I know now every pet owner dreads. Thats now twice I've sobbed my way through a vet appointment. Ah well, he's recovered, and remains a joy in our life, and our bank balance takes the hit.

And I continue to be grateful for good friends, that have shown time and time again recently that they care, that they remain supportive, and that I can turn to them for understanding and advice. There's been no big drama, but slow rumbling issues in parts of my life. For the most part I can cope with all the shit, but occasionally I get the anger over it. And my friends have been there to share in my anger, which makes all the difference, doesn't it. It's great to share not only the bad, but the good, and I'm pleased I have people in my life that I can do that with.

And to top it all of, the 6 nations has begun. Ahhh, bliss. A year of rugby starts. Seriously happy about this. It's awesome.

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