Wednesday, 10 November 2010

things are afoot...

Registered for my graduation today. Exciting. Actually got a good respectable result for my degree, so will be happy to go recieve it. Never done this before, even though this is not my first degree, so I'm some what excited. Also have my choir concert that same weekend, and the parentals will be around for a few days then as well, so it really should be a good time.

Whats more exciting, is the change in my employment. Same company, different role ..... a promotion if you will. Well pleased, totally nervous, but looking forward to it. Big challenge, but big challenges are good things, so I'm up for it. Life is too short not to be challenged, life is too short not to succeed. Succeeding doesn't always mean what we automatically believe it to me, I've learnt that the long, wrong way. But either way, as long as I embrace the new challenge and do the best I can, thats all I can ask of myself. It's all good!

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