Saturday, 20 August 2011

it really is time to have a life.

I had a glance through all my blog posts, and realised, that without knowing, I had been talking about the major choices I have made this summer. I didn't even know I was making them, until I did, but I quite clearly, subconciously have had them on my mind for quite some time.

Anyway, I face the tail end of summer as a new single lady (he did put a ring on it, but I chose to take it off). It's a huge change. Sorry, that should read, a HUGE change. I sitll have my cat, which is something indeed. In fact, thats who I now share a bed with. I'm still working in my job (although that will change in winter), and I have been embraced by a huge outpouring of love and support by all my family and friends. It's been an uplifting thing in an otherwise horrible situation. Horrible, but necessary.

So now....the future. Wow, a little overwhelming, but exciting nonetheless. Good days, bad days, strange days. Right now I just deal with what comes my way, and accept feelings of all kinds are fleeting.

So today. The sun is shining, I'm going to watch some rugby and I have lovely plans for coffee and chats with friends tomorrow. My cat is happy and well, I get to spend some time with family today. Life's pretty good.

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