Tuesday, 28 June 2011

a weekend of ups and downs

Not even a week since my last post and I've gone through some ups and downs. Currently, I would perhaps say I'm on a reasonable even keel. How long that will last, will be anyones guess.

Two more days of work to get through and at least one will be easier than the other. A weekend with some promise of friends, music, company and drink. A house that's a little tidier than it was. I can see the end in sight in sorting it out. The prospect of some time with family thats well needed.

Reading this, I may come across as a bit doom and gloom, but I've come to realise I'm just worn out. I so often underestimate the effect of what goes on in my life, but I'm slowly and surely recognising and acknoledging it. Whether it'll help, I know not. Time will tell. I think the question is how long do I give it?

Being a grown up is a scary thing. I'd occasionally like someone else to make the choices for me. But that won't happen.

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