Thursday, 23 June 2011


...are horrible things. Currently working from home this afternoon (a very rare thing) and am using the peace to start writing my part of my appraisal. This is a scary one for me, not because the person doing it will be horrible to me, far from it, but because all my staff have to give feedback which is then given to me. I will really hear what they think about me. First time as a manager. I think I'm allowed to be nervous, regardless of how well I think I'm doing.

And the tiredness continues. More bad news, from someone close to me, about their health, weighs heavy on my soul. It's hard going, but not as hard as it is for them, so I keep things in perspective and vow again to look after myself better. Not that it would make any difference to them what they did, this is illness that has no explanation, but I should do everything in my power to do the best for me that I can.

So the we should try to acknowledge that there is some in the world.
The sun is shining a little today. And I spent an evening meeting a new kitten this week. It's a bit like meeting a new baby, a new little soul into the world, so cute, so full of wonder and very very adorable. My cat looked like a giant when I returned home. My friend returns from holiday soon, it will be nice to see her. And the finanical burden is eased a little. Every penny helps.

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