Thursday, 16 June 2011


This has been a week full of tiredness. I feel it in my bones. Not the kind of tiredness that a good nights sleep and a lazy morning can fix. More than that. Deeper than that. Not quite sure where to turn to find relief and peace kind of tired. And I'm not sure it'll go away quickly, without me doing some drastic or long needed to fix it.

My brain is exhausted and it's shown in work this week. And I can't let it. I'm managing people, services, plans activities. And I have my appraisal coming up. I need to be on top of things.

But that top, that summit, that height seems so very very far away.

So I took solace today in visiting a gem of a place, where the real world seemed miles away. It was lovely, and although it was for work, it was a welcome relief, and I came back somewhat refreshed. Still tired, but more at peace with the world. How can I not be, when such beautiful places exist?

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