Tuesday, 10 May 2011

chicken soup for the soul....

came in the form of wine, beer, football and fantastic company for me this weekend. And it really came at the right time (especially when I read back at my last entry). Friday I spent becoming organised, something I had been procrastinating about. However, unsurprisingly this meant a lighter hearted me, one that was more positive about life and my financial situation. Friday night was spent in the company of good friends, nice dinner and lovely wine. And some drunken choones.

Sat was spent loving the game of football, enjoying my teams success, and having a ball. I talked before about sport and about how rarely the feelings of joy and success come with the teams I support. Well this weekend, that changed and it was worth it. Great afternoon.

Saturday night was spent much like Friday night, and was fantastic.

Off the back of that, my working week has so far been great. It's nice to enjoy work, even with the difficult challeneges it presents. I'm very much in a new role, although I have experience and training to back it up. Still sometimes new things appear and new things introduce some scary feelings. Last week I was not so much up for that, this week, off the back of a wonderful weekend, I am more so.

Oh and I finished it up with a cuddle from a lovely baby. Baby smiles are the best!

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