Sunday, 15 May 2011

this weekend

was better than I thought. I really had a week made up of small annoyances. Tiny things that add up to me feeling the need to vent and rant on Friday. But at the same time, totally appreciate the challenges that come with my job, and relish the opportunities that annoyances bring. Weird eh? But I guess thats why I went for the job I'm in. I was getting worried it was getting a little boring, mundane. I'm glad things have been shaken up a bit.

I'm not one of those people in life that relish sameness, or mundaneness. I know people (some of my friends) love things to be the same, don't like new challenges. I am the opposite. As the years go by, I realise how much I like new things, challenges, things that push me out my comfort zone. Obviously not everything, but in my career and studies, thats what I look for. I think I need to look at that a bit more in my personal life, as I can't constantly change up my career, sometimes, a period of time at a certain thing is needed for consistency (with staff/service users) and to gain experience.

Time to find something new to do in my spare time I think!

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