Tuesday, 3 May 2011

up and down...

Ever have those kind of days? I always thought I was the more long term cycle kind of person, but it appears I do have these days where I swing wildely from up to down in the space of not hours but minutes. Today was very much one of those days. Started off bad, got worse, got really quite good, blipped again, began to improve, got crap and is ending on an even keel. In that, I have a million things on my mind and heart, and a million things on my to do list. And even in writing this, I realise I've forgotten another thing I need to do. Good thing it's not even half ten yet, and I only have to leave by about quarter to 8. The joys.

I am however learning. I am going to try and take an a/l day this week for my sanity. Too long have I tried to go too long without giving myself a break or time to do the things I need to. It's my weakness, I fight on. I fight on in my mind - this relates to the last blog post - and I don't share. And by not sharing I just continue doing. And then I end up tired, stressed and depressed. Not a good place for me to be, as it takes too long to get out of there.

And you know what? Don't want to go there. I am enjoying life too much, and I want to face up to the challenges before me in a positive frame of mind, able to take them on.

Maybe it's age, but I feel a sensibleness and wisdom come upon me realising this.

Also, spotify. Good for the soul. Tunes all night, it's been a blessing.

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