Monday, 2 May 2011

Beer: the cause of and solution to all of lifes problems

Ah Homer. Such words of wisdom.

Yesterday my friend and I decided beer was indeed the solution to all of lifes problems. And I think it worked. I certainly woke up with a lighter heart and happier spirit. That may not be so much because of beer, but rather because my repressed soul needs a bit of oiling before I open up about whats going on. Therefore an afternoons drinking in the sun with a good friend meant a load shared, and some wisdom imparted to me. Just what the dr ordered.

I am the worst in the world for not 'telling' people whats on my heart. I am the worlds best at getting out of others what I never share. It's my skill in life, and I've made a career out of it, which is great. What is not so great is how deep in my head I go. It's my nature. Some times it serves me well, other times it's backfired horribly. I try, as the years go on, to share when needed, to not be afraid to say things out loud. Because, for me, once they are out loud, they become truth. I need to accept thats ok.

And this week, beer helped.

And I wasn't even hungover. Result.

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